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Our website provides information about all things related to competitive handgun shooting and hunting - Condensed and precise! Carducci Tactical's done the research to help you pick the best guns, ammo, optics and tactical solutions for all your shooting sports needs. From hunting to USPSA and IDPA to a fun day at the range - I've got you covered with the information you need for the best equipment. We can even help you find the best range or local match!

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Hunting Season is Here - Are You Ready?
Before you head to the hunting equipment store to get the best deer caliber or best deer gun, read our reviews. With outdoor hunting equipment there are so many choices for the best deer hunting rifle. How do you choose? Carducci Tactical has the information you need. Looking for the best hunting pistol? Best hunting caliber? Need some discount hunting equipment or clothes? We find the best deals and discount codes to save you the "big bucks!" Carducci Tactical is your complete resource. We will answer all your questions so you will have the best whitetail deer caliber and bring home that big trophy.

What's the Best Gun for a Woman? What's the best gear for a woman deer hunter?
Women are carrying guns. We are one of the fastest growing segments of gun owners. Self-defense isn't the only reason a woman has a gun. From competitive handgun shooting to turkey and deer hunting, women are owning guns. In the past companies made a few pink guns for women - a small hunting rifle or compact pistol to carry in her purse. Are these the best handguns for women? Probably not! Our choices are expanding as manufacturers realize small guns for women are essential. Carducci Tactical can help you find the top selections to fit your needs and get the safety and education courses to prepare you for real life situations. Are tasers for women a better choice? What about mace? What's different about womens gun holsters? If you are a woman deer hunter, do you need to consider your length of pull? Carducci Tactical put together the gear that works for you!

IDPA, GSSF, USPSA, IPSC - How Do You Navigate the World of Handgun Competitions?
There are so many types of shooting competitions. How do you decide what handgun competition is right to develop the skills you desire? What's hot in the world of IDPA and USPSA? It's 3 Gun competitions and let Carducci Tactical explain why this growing sport combines the best of the handgun, rifle and shotgun worlds. What's a GLOCK GSSF match? Is there a difference between IPSC shooting and USPSA shooting? What gear do you need for practical shooting? Carducci Tactical has the rules, the gear and the guns to get you on the range and hitting the "A" zone.

Need to Learn How to Shoot a gun? Want to take a NRA First Steps Pistol Class?
Learn shooting with Danny and Amy Carducci. There's no magical firearm training system. You need instruction to learn how to properly handle a firearm. Everyone needs a pistol shooting class. Amy is trained to specialize in woman to woman handgun classes. Danny is trained in basic pistol as well as advanced handgun training which includes combat hand gun and self-defense skills. Firearms safety training doesn't have to be boring. We educate and teach on levels everyone can understand from the beginner to the advanced learner. Learning to shoot a handgun is fun and the skills you master can safe your life. From how to aim a pistol to proper safety and self defense, you will learn shooting in Carducci Tactical's handgun classes.

Need some Tips, Tricks and Questions Answered by Professional Handgun Shooters?
Competition shooters offer some of the best information. Carducci Tactical interviews the top names in the shooting world and brings you the best of the professional handgun shooters. Gain insight in the difference of shooting competition guns. What's it like to shot an open race gun? The professional handgun shooters love metal shooting targets like the Bianchi plate rack. What are the tips to hit those steel shooting targets? When's the next USPSA area competition? We keep you in touch with the athletes on top of their game. As competitive shooters we all need education and the right equipment to be prepared for success. Carducci Tactical gets the best knowledge from the top authoritative names just for you.

Targeting the Best Rifle for Your Needs
Before you buy that long range hunting rifle, tactical sniper rifle or custom precision AR rifle, our website will aim you in the right direction with knowledge you must know before selecting the best rifle for the money. Carducci Tactical researches, tests ad shot verifies the most accurate factory and custom rifles. Interviews with master gunsmiths, competitive shooters and weekend warriors that have developed and shot the most accurate rifles in the world, will give you insight. Carducci Tactical can help with caliber selection, and coupon codes to purchase affordable ammunition. When it comes to something as important as purchasing a firearm and gear, do not rely on a commissioned gun store guy. Read Carducci Tactical's information and do your own research. Ask us questions and challenge us about anything you think is not correct. Carducci Tactical is about making sure you have correct, valuable information.

Zeroing In on the Best Scope for the Job
Carducci Tactical will start with the basics. With a good understanding of how scopes work and a history of scopes as they have evolved through the years - you will be educated and can make the best decision. Danny Carducci takes pride in his vast knowledge of optics and will provide you with the most current information on the top rifle scopes. Need to know the best hunting scopes, best AR scopes, and tactical scopes so you can choose the best scope for the money and the job? Danny will not disappoint. Look for the new scope selector, rifle scope ratings page and the top ten scopes by category.
Carducci Tactical will also be creating YouTube videos for proper scope mounting including the various options for mounting your optic. Other features will include how to choose bases an scope rings and the proper fit an level. Look for upcoming reviews on the new Leupol VX-6 and the Weaver Tactical 3-15x50mm 1/10th mil / mil adjustment in the coming weeks just in time for the fall hunting season.

Reviews - The Best and Only the Best
From tactical gear bags to 5.11 tactical gear pants, we can help you weed out the bad and buy the best. Carducci Tactical offers sound, no fluff reviews. What should you have in your range bag? What's the best shooting hearing protection? What should every hunter have in their emergency preparedness kit? With new products and innovations hitting the market each week, you need to be armed with top knowledge to get the top gear.

Krav Maga, Jiu Jitsu or a Home Defense Shotgun? What's the best option?
You already know Carducci Tactical offers handgun classes, but what about proper self defense techniques? Should you learn hand to hand combat skills or protect yourself with a gun? There are other self defense weapons from knives, to mace and even tasers - so how do you select? Carducci Tactical will offer advice on self defense moves, feature self defense videos, and help you find the best self defense class. Of course, we can't leave out the best guns for self defense. If you need to learn self defense tips, our blog Locked and Loaded Blog will keep you focused.

In today's internet world, information and review websites are at your fingers. Carducci Tactical isn't just another hand gun reviews website. We want to make a difference. How can we help? By providing topics that can help you save time, save money, gain skills and be a more successful shooter.

What's ahead? Reviews on the best handguns and best gun safe. Videos and articles on popular handguns. How to select the best optic for your hunting rifle. Stories from a woman's perspective and the best gun for home defense. Subscribe to our blog and don't miss out on a single article. Carducci Tactical's sights are set on the future. Don't miss out and we will see you on the gun range!